Today continues our series on belief in the existence of God. We’re featuring different blog posts from Mormon bloggers who have shared some of their experiences and thoughts, and their personal testimony of the reality of God, evidences of God, and how they have come to knowledge of His love. Today’s featured blog post is from The Rains Came Down: I Believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

As a young child, this Mormon blogger came home from church meetings and declared, simply, “God loves me.” She reminds us that even children can gain a witness of God’s reality and love.

My father asked me how I knew that. The answer to my five-year-old mind was clear, “Because my teacher told me so.” My dad, always pushing his children to develop their faith further, even when we were so young, said something to the effect of “That’s good that you listened to your teacher, but how do you know?” He then told me I should pray to feel it myself. This I did and gained knowledge for myself that God is there and loves me, personally.

But she also acknowledges that this is sometimes an answer we need to get more than once in our lives. While serving as a missionary, she realized that she needed to rediscover God’s love for her.

I sat across from my mission president while he asked me the question: “Sister R, do you know that God loves you? Really know it?” Even now, a lump comes to my throat thinking of that moment. At the time, I had forgotten the lesson my father had me learn when I was five. I no longer knew that God loved me, though I still knew He was there. I was fighting my way through my mission, thinking I had something to prove, that somehow I had to earn His love and approbation. It was several days before I could bring myself again to kneel and ask Him to show me how He felt about me. He did. I have never been the same since.

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