The Mormon blogger we are featuring today is Kathryn, otherwise known in the Mormon blogging world as LDS Nana. Her blog is called “A Well-behaved Mormon Woman.” We’re continuing the theme of how individual members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints know there is a God. Read the previous post in our series:“Is there a God?” post by a Mormon Husband (or go directly to his post:  Is there a God?)

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With so much adversity in the world today, and very little apparent reason to explain why, many ask the age old question…  Is there a God?  And if there is a God, then why would He let such awful things happen to His own children?  Modern technology allows us to know, increasingly, what is happening around the globe, literally, in seconds!  For many, this barrage of information, when specifically focused on everything that is negative in the world, can be both depressing and frightening.

So begins Kathryn’s post. This is a common question that many people ask: If God exists, why does He allow innocent people to suffer? Why does He allow tragedy and natural disaster and humans’ inhumanity to each other?

But sometimes, it’s those very tragedies that might get us to think more deeply about God.

Life with all of its joy, in opposition, is filled with adversity and suffering.  And for most people, it is during these adverse times of our lives, that we tend to think more deeply about the existence of God.

Kathryn testifies of God’s plan of happiness, and how parenthood and her own personal relationship with God through prayer have helped her come to understand and know God, to understand God’s plan, and to find peace amid adversity.

Mormonism teaches that God has a plan for His children.  We believe that the adversity we encounter here upon this earth, is specifically designed to give us experiences, that will ultimately teach us to become like God.  Life here on earth, is like a refiners fire.  If we turn to God in our trials, He will strengthen us, and ultimately through the atonement, purify us.

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