New Relief Society history book for Mormon women


~by Michelle

I’m very anxious to receive and review my copy of Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society, which will soon be given to female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“Mormons“) around the world. The Relief Society is the organization for Mormon women, and this book is the first of its kind.

Of this book, Sister Julie B. Beck, worldwide president for the Relief Society, said ““I have never worked on a project that has been more Spirit-guided than this.”

The book comes with lofty goals for its purpose, which includes:

– To help capture the vision and purpose of Relief Society in simple terms

– To be accessible and understandable to women across the world, transcending cultural and language translation barriers

– To be relevant to everyone, from the lifetime member to the newest of Mormon converts

– To help Mormon women more fully understand, and more wisely implement, the mission and vision of Relief Society.

The article to which we link above explains even more:

Sister Beck said that if sisters can see themselves in the work of Relief Society; understand how influential women have been in the development of the Church, both anciently and in latter days; and know their purpose and their identity, those things will fortify them and may change the things they do every day.

Sister Beck hopes that sisters will use the book to encourage and guide them through trials and hardships.

“There’s a lot of strength in the book—a lot of strength we can model,” Sister Beck said. “So on hard days, I hope [sisters] will keep their book handy and will pick it up and read one story or example that will strengthen them.”

In her BYU Women’s Conference address this past spring, Sister Beck invited Latter-day Saint women to prepare themselves spiritually to receive this book.

I’m grateful for Relief Society, not only for its beginnings but for what it is today. And I’m just beginning to have a glimpse of what the Lord has in mind for his daughters. The vision that comes to me sometimes is so glorious and staggering and humbling and thrilling. It is difficult to contemplate. It is part of that vision of Daniel of the stone rolling forth to bless the earth. The Lord expects and requires that His daughters participate in building His kingdom in bringing to pass what He calls His strange act.

Until the history of who you are is in your hearts, you won’t be as strong as you could be. Rather than prepare for a product, I would suggest that you prepare yourself to receive the Lord’s message for you. Go to the temple, pray, and live and become what the Lord would have us all become.

One Mormon woman named Kathryn has done some preparation by carefully reviewing Sister Beck’s Women’s Conference talk. Another woman has already had a chance to take a look at the book and shares some of her initial insights. I also liked this woman’s reflections on a past talk Sister Beck gave about the myths surrounding Mormon women and the Church.

Following are a few other talks I have found or thought about as I have wanted to prepare myself to receive this book. (There are many more, but for the sake of time, I’m only sharing a few here.)

Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society (talk given by Sister Beck last October)

Fulfilling the Purposes of Relief Society – Sister Beck

Now Let Us Rejoice – Sister Barbara B. Thompson

Relief Society: A Sacred Work – Sister Beck

Awake, Arise, and Come Unto Christ – Sister Sheri L. Dew

Every Woman Needs Relief Society — Sister Silvia H. Allred (audio)

As Women of God, Shall We Not Go Forward in So Great a Cause? – Sister Sheri L. Dew

It is Not Good for Man or Woman to be Alone – Sister Sheri L. Dew

The Enduring Legacy of Relief Society – President Henry B. Eyring

Also, see the video below with various teachings from Church leaders about the Relief Society:

If you are a Latter-day Saint woman, what are you doing to prepare to receive the message in this book? If you have thoughts to share as you receive your copy, we welcome your thoughts on how you think this book will help you in your life.