science and religion are not incompatible

Can science and religion co-exist? Dr. John Lewis, a planetary scientist — interested in the “chemistry of the universe” –shares some thoughts on the “who” and the “why” of the divinity of creation: on God’s plan, on Jesus Christ‘s role as “builder” of Heavenly Father’s plan for creation, of the reality that we lived with God before this life, and that we can look forward to the opportunity to live with Him again.

He also talks about how science and religion are complementary, how the scientific wonders of the earth and the universe are another witness, along with scriptures, of the reality of God:

“…[T]he universe is God’s handiwork….[S]cience and religion represent two independent witnesses of creation. And we are told [in the scriptures] …that two or more independent witnesses are required in order to certify the truth. They are not opposites, but they are like the vision seen from your two eyes. If you close one eye, and then close the other [and] alternate back and forth, you don’t see the same thing with the two eyes. But it is the combination of those two views…that shows you a lot of things that neither eye by itself sees.”