~By Lusche

The past 10 days have been rather full of caring for my six year old. After a couple of visits to different doctors, we finally got a correct diagnosis.

Kawasaki Disease.

Looking back, I see the Lord’s hand through this series of events-

A week and a half ago, I took my daughter into a clinic and they treated her for strep throat. I knew this was not the correct diagnosis- one side of her neck was so very swollen that.it hurt to turn her head, and her fever was climbing. I wondered where I could go to get a diagnosis that made sense. I prayed for help. I knew Heavenly Father would answer, I am her mom and He would lead me. But in this time of distress, I needed peace to hear. My dear husband has been a great comfort through this experience. He gave our daughter many priesthood blessings throughout the week. He reassured me of those truths when I felt unsure of what to do or where to turn for correct treatment.

After two days of treatment for strep (hoping that if this were a bacterial infection of sorts, it would take care of this sickness), her fever peaked. Touching her skin felt to burn my hand, she was so very hot and just wanted to sleep. In these moments when I would naturally panic, the Spirit whispered what to do and guided me how to take care of her without panic. I ran a nice warm bath for her and put her in. She shivered and cried when I woke her up to bathe. Yet I knew that this would help her. As I rubbed her little legs and then her back, I could feel the water heat around her little torso. She was such a trooper. After her soak, we took her out, dried her off and dressed her. Her fever had really gone down. I took her temperature (under the arm) and it read 103.4. My husband gave her some medicine to take the fever down and I continued with compresses through the night. Eventually the fever did go down and stayed down till morning.

Morning came with more fevers, her appetite was so small, and she slept most of the day. Her little eyes were very bloodshot, her lips puffy, red, and cracked, and the soles of her feet were red.

By Thursday evening when the fevers began again, we decided to take her in for another evaluation. This time we went to a different clinic, the doctor on call gave us the heads up of Kawasaki Disease. He instructed that if the fever continued 2 more days it was imperative she go to ER at Children’s Hospital.

Friday morning, we looked up Kawasaki and saw a picture of little child that resembled our little 6 year old. I was so grateful that the Spirit led us to the right doctor.

Saturday, the fevers started in the morning. We took her in later that afternoon and by Sunday, the diagnosis was confirmed and they started treatment.

Through this whole experience, I have been comforted to know that the Lord has been mindful of us and this situation. For our six year old, she was given strength to do hard things. We talked about our family motto, “In the Strength of the Lord, we can do hard things.” And when she felt scared because of needles or nose suction, we would pray together and then she would do the hard part of holding still and let procedures be done. The nurses who helped encouraged her so that the words of the family motto could help her. And He would help her.

For those who have prayed for our family through this, thank you. We have felt the strength of the prayers and fasting and know it is through all your prayers that answers and help have come. Our family has learned a greater appreciation for each other, for life, for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father’s love for us, for the power of prayer and priesthood blessings. Our six year old will be home today. I am thankful for the guidance of the Spirit. I know that Heavenly Father watches out for all His children because He loves us all so much.