Faith in Jesus Christ helps people overcome addictions

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a 12-step addiction recovery program, “which helps those with addictions—drug dependency, alcoholism, pornography addiction, eating disorders, codependency, and so forth—apply key gospel principles in their lives. As participants study and exercise honesty, trust in God, humility, and the other principles of the program, they find hope, draw nearer to Christ, and allow His Atonement to have an effect in their lives.” (Addiction Recovery Program Brings Individuals to Christ)

Watch this powerful video where people who have experienced the power of the 12-step LDS addiction recovery program (and their loved ones) find hope, healing, and recovery.

See also this video, “Addiction: You Will Be Freed” which includes teachings from Elder M. Russell Ballard about how addiction affects agency — and how there is hope for those who are trapped in addiction. God’s s love and Jesus Christ’s Atonement makes healing possible.