~by Michelle

A recent LDS Newsroom story was released about how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a significant social media presence. Take a look at the stats shared in the article, Church Has Strong Presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

On AllFacebook.com‘s rank lists, the following five LDS Church sites ranked in the top 100:

Other non-official Facebook pages with LDS themes also appeared in the top 100 list. You can find more about that on this LDS Media Talk article.

On YouTube, in the category of “Non-profits and Activism” the Church ranks highly as well:

You can read more of the LDS Newsroom article to see how several LDS-related themes were trends on Twitter during our recent Worldwide General Conference.

At LDS Media Talk, you can also find more extensive lists of official Church Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and websites.

Some may ask how and why the Church’s social media content gets so much attention. I liked this explanation from the blog Stay N Alive:

You may be wondering, “why” [Church content ranks so high], though. I’ve shared previously the natural desire of Mormons to share their beliefs, and, in a way that we’re natural marketers by just wanting to share something we really believe in and which is doing great things for the world. As Mormons, our entire beliefs are centered around relationships with each other, and with our God – social media lends a natural way for us to focus on those relationships and to extend those worldwide.

In short, we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints like to view and enjoy positive, uplifting content that strengthens our faith. And we like to share what matters most with the people in our lives who matter most to us. We also believe in using the powerful tools of technology in positive ways. Social media provide opportunities for us to do all of these things.

Here’s one more quote from Stay N Alive:

Social media is about personalized messaging, and allowing others to opt-in to the messages they receive, and receive the messages in the most personalized manner possible that is interesting to them. The Church’s social media presence is making this more and more possible, so that those truly interested in its message are able to receive it.

So ask around if you’re interested. There’s a good chance one of your friends is a Mormon and can likely answer your questions. And if not, you can find us and subscribe to us just about anywhere on the web, in the environments you find are most comfortable.

Feel free to ask us questions here, too. (Here’s an archive of the questions we have addressed at Mormon Women.)

It used to be that the primary way to learn about the Church was to have missionaries come to your home. Now there are myriad ways, through social media, that people can learn and observe and engage according to their comfort and interest level.

p.s. And if you are ever interested in talking to Mormon missionaries, you don’t have to wait until they can come to your house (or until you are comfortable with having them in your house!). You can chat anytime (24/7) with a missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (See the widget in the top right corner of our site, or visit mormon.org/chat.)