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Editor’s Note: Today is the second day of the April 2011 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For more information about how to watch or listen to General Conference, please see the General Conference page of Live video feeds come in English, Spanish (Español)Portuguese (Português)French (Français), and American Sign Language. Live audio feeds of conference are provided in about 70 different languages). You can find more information on the many options for listening to and watching General Conference in yesterday’s post.

Archives of the proceedings of General Conference sessions from April 2, 2011 are available.


Mormon Times recently shared several personal stories of LDS Church members of experiences where General Conference messages had an impact on their lives. If you have a personal experience with General Conference that you would like to share, please comment below, or send us an email at ‘mormonwomen’ at ‘gmail’ dot ‘com’

It took time, but message of love and gratitude sinks in: This reader shows how sometimes we can miss the power of the messages given when they are first given, but how if we continue to study and ponder them, God can help us hear what He wants us to hear.

Developing a testimony of the living prophets: This man talks about an experience while listening to general conference as a missionary, when the Holy Ghost helped him gain a testimony of God’s living prophet.

Called to sing at general conference: A Mormon woman shares her experience singing as a missionary in general conference. (You can read two more personal experiences about singing in general conference on our site as well.)

Mother, son share special moments in Conference Center: This LDS woman shares her experience attending general conference in the Conference Center with her young son. Again, the power of music is a theme in this account.

Learning to love general conference: In this account, Melissa shares a memory of listening to conference messages as an 11-year-old child…and how her mother’s wisdom helped her have a positive experience (even though she was determined not to).

Priesthood session in the dark brings confirmation of power: This is another account reflecting on a spiritual experience of a Mormon youth listening to general conference (his experience was during the Saturday evening priesthood session).

The burning of campfires and the Spirit: Elder Holland gets his third hat tip in this essay about a young women camp director who felt the “warm fuzzy” of the Holy Spirit when listening to his talk last October.

Choose faith over doubt: This Mormon woman had been thinking about faith and the choice to believe, and she shares how Bishop Edgley’s talk last October helped confirm her “choice…to turn my belief into faith and my faith into happiness.”

General conference and Milk Duds: For this Mormon man, sweet memories of treats and conference as a child are the theme of this account. (p.s. For anyone not familiar with Milk Duds, they are chocolate-covered caramel candies.)