Mormon woman Erika writes poem for grieving loved onesThanks to Erika for sharing this poem (you can find it also on her blog, Musings of a Mother in Zion — the painting you see on her blog is one she created around the same time.) She writes this about what motivated her to paint and write:

“I wrote this last year for a sister in law, who’s father passed away. The words came, I felt I was just the holder of the pen. Within the week, I found out that my other sister-in-law had a painful miscarriage at 16 weeks. As I was praying to know how I could help her, I knew that the poem already had.”

The Sun Will Rise

In this life we have rare glimpses of Heaven
the touch of a hand as we say good bye
An answer that seals Forever
A baby’s first cry
the shadow of a baby that never cried
Each one a glimpse
The Heavenly Father that loves
The Son that gives all
Each brings a family closer
To one another and our Eternity

As I thought of what you might be going through
I wished that I could think of something to say
that would take your pain away
This poem flowed and as I cried I knew
What He would say
Don’t take your eye off the Sky line
Keep Watching
The Sun will rise

When pain is too hard to bare
When all seems troubled
the light impossible to see
When families are far
Never forget
The Sun will rise

Life is lived
Death comes
just another season
Easy for the ones who leave us
Those left search for a reason
Tears fall, hearts feel empty
hard lump in your throat
In the darkness
One we know calls our name

Please don’t cry, My dear one
I love you,
that’s why I have come
I know what you’re going through
Because I went through it too
I did it just for you
I bore your pain
I felt your grief
As I knelt and begged for relief
I did it because He asked me to
And I did it all for you
The Sun will rise

So during this middle hour
When morn’s light seems so far
When all is dim and unclear
When pain and doubt seem to sear
Look to the sky
And hear my reply
Clear your eyes
The Sun will rise

I know for I am the Savior of All
I love you
I came, lived, died for you
I carry your burden
Through me it is light
Making your way through this dreary night
Never forget
I am the Son
I died
I rose again