Children and youth participate in this video to tell the Christmas story. They talk of prophecies of Old Testament prophets such as Isaiah and Micah, as well as Book of Mormon prophets such as Nephi (who was a prophet about 600 years before Christ’s birth), Samuel the Lamanite (who prophesied of Christ’s birth and the signs that appeared on the American continent at the time of Christ’s birth), and Alma (who was one of the many Book of Mormon prophets who spoke of the Savior’s coming and His atoning sacrifice).

It’s beautiful to hear the children and youth in this video share the nativity story, as well as their faith in Jesus Christ and His mission — and what that means for us.

The video ends with these words from one of the youth: “As you picture Christmas this year, remember that Christ’s life and atonement are the greatest gifts we could ever have, and the best gift we can give to Christ is to try to live like Him.”

Video: “Picture a Christmas” (see the Primary song with the same name here)

And here’s another video with a small child narrating the nativity and sharing thoughts about how we can keep the spirit of the Christmas season. “Christmas is a happy time,” the child says. “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone remembered about Jesus’ birthday, like maybe one person could smile at someone and they could smile back. And people could say things like “Please,” and “Thanks you,” “I’m sorry,” “I forgive you,” and “I love you.” Pretty soon, everyone one in the whole wide world would be part of Jesus’ birthday, and all their light would make the whole world light up…Just like a giant birthday cake! Don’t you think that would be a great present for Jesus? I do.”