[Editor’s Note: Tomorrow is Patriot Day in the United States, a somber day of remembrance of the lives lost in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. We felt it appropriate to share this poem written by a Mormon woman about that day.]

~ by Dianne Billstrom

As I watched the planes plow into the twin towers in New York City on September 11th, 2001, and viewed the news and the aftermath of that day, these images seemed to pour out of my heart. I observed their reactions to the terrible event, yet knew that in the end freedom would rise triumphant.

Some conspired, for glory, power, or hate,
A shallow reward,
Filled with nothing,
As the towers crumbled
And the dust exploded.

Some danced, reveling in victory and destruction,
No respecter of the
Fragility of life,
As the towers crumbled
And the dust billowed.

Some Samaritans bound up wounds,
Physical and spiritual,
Comforting the afflicted,
As the towers crumbled
And the dust dispersed.

Some prayed, fortifying the spirit
Of God’s children,
Calling for supreme intervention,
When the towers crumbled
And the dust stirred.

Some gathered buckets, clearing debris,
Tirelessly sifting the rubble for signs of life,
One pail at a time,
When the towers crumbled
And the dust settled.

Some raised a banner, red, white and blue,
Symbol of freedom,
Proudly erected,
On the crumbled towers
And the solidified dust.

Some united with hope for peace,
Courageous, despite fear,
Prepared for ultimate sacrifice,
After the towers crumbled
Leaving nothing but dust.

From despair and grief rose unity of spirit,
A kinship of free men,
Resolved with conviction to succeed,
Building towers of strength
Out of the dust.


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