Mormon woman reflects on the gift of motherhood

Around this time last year, I was so huge and pregnant that the last thing I felt was “holiday cheer.” Then I gave birth to my son Cole and I immediately felt a connection to the Savior and to his mother, Mary. It took me aback in many ways. I didn’t expect to gain the testimony I did in regards to motherhood and Christmas…but am so grateful I did.

The best gifts I’ve ever received didn’t come in beautiful wrapped boxes with bows on top.  They grew within me for three-fourths of a year and then were pushed into this world with all the strength I had.  They were gifts from God…bringing with them promises of a wider road to travel for our growing family.  And with that road, came more than just new, little spirits for us to guide through this life…..they gave my husband and me a reason to walk a little taller, be a little better, work a little harder to be all that we should and could be for them.  And so with the Savior’s birth every year, we celebrate the road that we’re on and the blessing of having a Savior in our life to help us make it through each day.