The new website was recently launched, with media-rich features (and more to come).

The revamped site brings tools and teachings to members of The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints to help them in their lives and efforts to build personal and family spirituality. The site also has much to offer those who are interested in learning more about the Mormon faith. You can read more about basic Mormon beliefs, for example…and you might see an increase in Mormons around you using the site to share videos and other multimedia content via social networking sites.

Teachings of living prophets have a prominent place on the site, with a particular focus on most recent messages and on learning more about our leaders’ lives.

The site contains updated tools for personal online scripture study and study of other Church materials, which will allow users to take notes, highlight and underline key passages, keep a study journal, and electronically file materials for future use.

Search engines have been updated and content will be eventually presented in 11 languages.

And local congregation websites at the ward and stake level will have new capabilities for directories and calendars.

It’s exciting for us to see how the Church continues to try to harness the power and potential of the internet to help support Church members and encourage us to share this gospel that matters so much to us with others.