It’s Mother’s Day in many parts of the world today. Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, we share an inspiring video with thoughts from Stephanie Nielson (known also as NieNie). She was in a near-fatal plane crash last year, and has had a miraculous, yet difficult, recovery. Hear some of her thoughts about faith, motherhood, true beauty, life. We’ve included some of her words below as well.

I’m just grateful that I’m here on this earth and that I have the opportunity to be a mother and do the things I love and enjoy…. I view my role now as more divine, as something more…not just a mother who wakes up and makes her kids food…[but] a mother who enriches and teaches about the gospel of Jesus Christ. But it’s a privilege. And I see it more as a privilege than anything.

To me beauty and motherhood are one. They are really the same thing. There is a plan for us and it’s a plan that will ultimately give us the greatest joy and happiness that we will ever experience. And it is only possible through Jesus Christ. I’m grateful for this trial and it’s a blessing even though it’s hard and it’s challenging and it will be for a while.

Spiritually now I have a better sense of who I am, what my divine purpose is, what I’m doing here on earth, why I’m still here. Life has a different meaning to me than it did before.