Sometimes people ask questions about how Mormons view Muslims. This video (found below), created by Seth Adam Smith, communicates how the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that we are all God’s children. As such, we are commanded to love all mankind, to not have ‘contracted feelings’ toward others, and to allow God to be the final judge in His perfect justice and mercy. As Seth notes, a dream of an ancient prophet recorded in The Book of Mormon teaches us much:

Lehi’s dream [from 1 Nephi chapter 8] is symbolic for all of us. God stands at the Tree of Life, and beckons to His whole family, regardless of their nationality, or their political or religious beliefs. God beckons to all mankind.

For we are all a family.

Of course, we don’t support evil acts of extremists of any kind, but we seek to have love for all mankind. We celebrate the goodness and faith and light of people all over the world — people of all religious persuasions, and people with no religion at all. We also seek to share what we know of God’s love, and light and truth restored, with as many as will listen. We also seek to build bridges and work together where and how we can with people of other faiths. There is so much good that can be done when people join together to serve and help and love and take a stand for good.

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