This past Thursday and Friday, the 2010 BYU Women’s Conference, co-sponsored by the Relief Society and by Brigham Young University, was held in Provo, Utah, USA. Thousands of women gathered for spiritual and practical instruction, service, and inspiration. The theme this year was taken from Moses 6:33-34: “Choose ye this day to serve the Lord.”

A delayed broadcast of selected classes is scheduled for May 13 and 14. You can also enjoy previous conference talks, either by checking the Women’s Conference archives page, or by going to BYU-TV

Following is an overview of just some of the topics covered in the two days of classes this year:

  • Replacing fear with faith; trusting in the Lord
  • Prioritizing our lives
  • Living within our means; dealing with unemployment; choosing a career
  • Service
  • Marriage, parenting, family relationships
  • Personal and family scripture study
  • Family History
  • Managing feelings of inadequacy
  • Avoiding emotional infidelity, pornography, and too much “virtual reality”
  • Seeking after true beauty
  • Welfare and humanitarian services
  • Understanding and accomplishing the mission of Relief Society, a worldwide sisterhood
  • Single parenting
  • Being single — and being strong — in a family-oriented church
  • Effective delegation
  • Making wise choices (even in the face of adversity or others’ poor choices)
  • Conquering criticism
  • Being willing to change
  • Dealing with depression and other struggles
  • Continuous education and learning
  • Integrity, virtue, love, gratitude, joy, grace…

Take a look at the PDF of the Women’s Conference program to read more about the many classes that were provided.

Every year, Women’s Conference also includes an evening of service and musical and other performances, as well as dozens of sharing stations on various topics. Visit past years’ sharing stations virtually with the following links:

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We’ll post links for the 2010 virtual sharing stations when they become available.

Also, a few of our team members attended Women’s Conference, and we will be sharing photos soon.

We know some of our readers probably attended as well, or have attended. We invite you to submit your photos and/or your thoughts and experiences here. Send photos and/or written submissions to us at gmail, username ‘mormonwoman’