This is a beautiful video with President Dieter F. Uchtdorf reminding us of who we really are as children of God — a great lesson!

This reminded me of a quote from Sister Sheri Dew, a former member of the General Relief Society Presidency of the Church.

“Ask the Lord to help you [remember, with the help of the Holy Ghost] who you are and who you have always been], and He will. Begin by reading D&C 138 and Abraham 3 about the noble and great ones, and ask the Lord to talk with you, through the Spirit, about you. When you understand, without equivocation, that you were chosen and reserved for now, and when you live in harmony with that mission and with the promises you made premortally, you’ll be happier than you have ever been before. That is a promise.”
(Sheri Dew, No Doubt About It, p. 53.)