A Family That Hikes Together, Stays Together!

~by Cheryl

Mormon Family Hiking

Our family loves the outdoors. One of our favorite things to do is hike! My husband and I started hiking while we were dating, and we’ve continued to do so throughout the last 11 years.

Hiking is a wonderful family activity because it combines exercise, beauty, photography, discovery, conversation, and laughter. Our kids know that if mom or dad says, “Hey, you guys want to go for a hike?” then chances are, we will end up hiking –no matter the weather! We have hiked in the snow, the rain, and the sunshine. We’ve hiked to waterfalls, lakes, and secluded groves of trees. We’ve hiked with food, without food, and for the point of a picnic. Hiking for us, is just fun! Here are some pictures:

Mormon Family Hikes to Waterfall

Mormon Father and Kids

Mormon Couple Who Loves Outdoors


What does your family like to do together? Do you have stories and pictures you can share? Email us at mormonwoman(at)gmail(dot)com with your thoughts and photos.

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