By: Brenda (And the awesome LDS family on You Tube)

Growing up, I didn’t know how good I had it. I had a mom and dad who loved each other, a sister to quarrel with over clothes and friends, two baby brothers to wrestle with, two dogs waiting by the door for me when I came home from school and some lively fish who liked to jump out of their tank. Life was good — so good in fact, that I’m trying to recreate my childhood with my own family. (Well except for the pets part; my husband and I are delaying the inevitable “poop scooping” era of our lives.) Aside from that, we’re following good example set by our parents.

This YouTube video entitled “Life in a Mormon Family” made me reflect on the fun times I had with my own family.  While not all LDS families are this large, we are a people who prize children as wonderful blessings from our Father in Heaven. I admire the time and sacrifice these parents have put into raising their eight children.

Here is the intro provided by the parents for their own heartfelt family video. Have fun getting to know this wonderful family.

You might call us the stereotypical Mormon family. With Mom, Dad, and 8 kids, we are just a little larger than the national average. 😉
Having a big family may not be for everyone and may not always be considered “cool”, but we’ve loved every minute of it.

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