Today, several Mormon Women share some of their family traditions during the Christmas season.

By: Lindsay

This is one small way our family tries to remember the real reason for this sacred Christmas season: an advent calendar with scriptures to read together as a family every night. The first two weeks have scriptures that tell a story about the Savior’s life and his example to be a better person.  The next two weeks focus specifically on the events surrounding his miraculous birth and the wonderful first Christmas story.  Even with my young children, we have found this brings a greater focus on what is most important (and keeps our minds away from Santa Claus, presents, and candy canes).

Mormon Advent Calendar

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By: Brenda

Every Christmas Eve, my family gathers together in Sacramento, CA near my Grandparents’ house.  I say near, because my grandmother’s home is far too small to house their large family. My Grandparents have six daughters and one son. My Dad is the lone ranger in his family. All of my aunts have married and have had families of their own and have become grandmothers themselves. Many of my family gatherings have over 80 people in attendance including children. So we have Christmas Eve in a reception hall or at a local church each year to accommodate a full dinner and show.

A show?!?!?

My grandmother insists on having a Christmas program every year. My mother and aunts put together musical numbers. Tiny cousins sing Christmas carols and ring bells in time to the music. Stories are read. Sometimes we re-enact the Nativity. We always pray together as a family.  At times, we enjoy heckling each others performances. Last year my cousin’s daughter proved herself to be a musical prodigy by professionally singing a medley from the musical Wicked. We were amazed. Sometimes we bear our testimonies of the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ and other times my grandmother reads letters from our cousins who are serving full time missions for the LDS Church. As much as I hate the pressure to perform, the Christmas program is a very nice family tradition. This tradition has lasted for decades, here is a picture of me in 1979 at the family Christmas Eve party playing Mary.

Mormon Nativity Scene

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by Julie

Every November, as the Christmas season comes closer, the tradition I look forward to most is getting out my nativity collection and displaying the pieces in our home.  My small collection started with a very “average” nativity bought from a local store.  I feel blessed that people have brought me nativities from around the world.  When we were engaged, my husband brought one home from Uruguay, and a couple of years ago, a dear friend had her parents bring one home from Nepal.  I love them both!

uruguay nativity

I have several nativities for my children to play with.  I love watching them learn the real story of Christmas while they play with the figures, and sing “Silent Night”.

Mormon nativity collection

One of the nativities that is most special to me is a handmade Amish Nativity.  It’s so different and reminds me of a special time in my life.

amish nativity, mormon nativity collection

What do you do to remember the Savior’s birth during this season?

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