~by Becky

Mormon Family: Becky

My husband and I have been married for four years and while dating we learned that we both loved being in the outdoors. I grew up fishing and camping with my family. My husband pretty much taught himself to fish and went camping occasionally with his family. The first year or two of marriage we went camping a few times. After we had our little girl we apparently decided we needed to camp more often because she was born in February and we were camping in June. We went camping at least once a month that summer. Even though it was a lot of work with a little baby it was so nice to get out of our house and spend time with one another. There is nothing better than being in the mountains away from cars, houses, and noise. When we go camping and fishing we are able to reconnect as a family.  It is a lot easier to talk to one another if the TV isn’t on and the computer isn’t running.

This past summer we once again spent lots of time camping. It was more difficult this year because we were chasing our little girl around and trying to keep her away from the fire but somehow camping was still more relaxing than staying at home with all of our distractions. It was so nice after our little girl had gone to bed.  We would sit by the fire and just talk about anything that came to our minds about our life and where we want to go.

Peace is what I feel when I am in the outdoors- camping, hiking, or fishing. It is where I love to be. I am able to feel God’s love enfold me as I see the trees, flowers, and animals. I feel so blessed that I can share that time with my family. I am so blessed to have them in my life. I know that we will always go through trials as a family and that we can be made stronger because of them. We are so blessed as parents to have our little girl in our life, she is our joy and our happiness. We love her and the time spent with her. She is one of our many blessings.

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