~by Jenny

Usually we have a weekly feature on Mormon Women called ‘Ask A Mormon Woman.’ Today we’ve turned the tables, and we’re asking you a question!

If you are here, on the Mormon Women website, chances are that you’re at least a little curious about the Mormon religion. Maybe the missionaries knocked on your door and you said, “No, thank you.” But now you’re wondering about something they said, or about the pamphlet they left, but aren’t sure you want to call them back. Perhaps you have a friend from high school that was Mormon and you look back and wish you had asked her some questions. It could be that someone you work with turned down an invitation to drinks after work, mentioning that they are Mormon and don’t drink alcohol. Now you wonder what else your co-worker believes. These, and many others, are reasons that this website exists.

There is another way for you to get personal answers to your questions in a friendly, non-confrontational way. Chances are that there is a Mormon woman in your community, maybe even someone you already know, who would like to share her faith with you. I’m a Mormon woman and I’d also like to share my faith with those that I know in real life in a friendly and non-confrontational way. Could you give me your opinion about how I should actually go about doing it?

A few people have accused Mormons of being preachy or overbearing. Mormons hear about this and become timid about sharing their faith. You could have a Mormon neighbor and not even know it. We’re not being secretive about our religion, we’re only trying to be respectful of your religious choices and our own. And I must admit we are afraid of possible negative reactions.

Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles recently told the LDS people, “..over one-half of the people in the United States and Canada have little or no awareness of our practices and beliefs. I am certain the percentage would be much larger in other parts of the world. This same survey also showed that when non-members interact with faithful members of the Church over an extended period of time or are exposed to clear and accurate information regarding Church beliefs and doctrines, their attitudes become positive and open.”

The LDS church membership is encouraged to share what they believe with their neighbors and friends. Some would say we do this only to increase our numbers. We do want all to feel welcome in our church, the Savior directs us to share his gospel with others. And we want to share because of what it all means to us. The gospel brings us so much peace and perspective.

But there is another reason, a reason Elder Perry mentions. We want to communicate clearly with the world who we are. We firmly believe in freedom of religion and that includes your choice not to belong to ours. But we also want you to understand what we believe, or don’t believe.

Thank you for seeking out active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who are trying to be faithful to their religion to learn about what our lives and beliefs are like. And please, don’t forget to leave a comment to give us a little advice on how to let you know who we are, without making you feel uncomfortable.