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Not long ago, we had dinner with some Muslim friends of ours. We were treated with such kindness (and, I might add, served a wonderfully delicious meal!). We enjoyed a meaningful discussion about the importance of marriage in today’s society. Evidences of their faith were present in their home. I could tell that Allah meant much to them, and that family was important to them.

And we were important to them. I felt that they would give us the shirt off their backs if we needed them. (In fact, I still have a sweater loaned to me that day; it was a cold day for which I was unprepared!) I felt loved, cared for, respected. It was wonderful. I left with a happiness as we rejoiced in our common beliefs, in our desires to try to do and be good, and with a strengthened friendship.

While, of course, Mormonism and Islam have doctrinal differences, I have been impressed with so much goodness I see in Muslim people in general. I respect their dedication to God, to family, and to values and principles that I believe can strengthen individuals, families and societies. I am grateful for those of other faiths as well who also live lives of goodness, faith, solid values, and service.

Readers might be interested to note that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sometimes partners with Islamic Relief to help provide relief to those affected by natural disasters, such as the recent earthquake in Haiti. As another example of working together, see this article on our website that has a story about Mormon and Muslim women working together in a spirit of service. We as members of the Mormon Church appreciate the opportunity and blessing to work side-by-side with our friends of other faiths such as Islam to serve and help those around us and to take a stand on important issues of moral import.

I found this article that may be of interest to those wondering more about Mormons’ view of Islam (and/or can help LDS Church members understand more about Islam).

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Edited to add: In writing this post, let us clarify that we separate out the radical approaches to Islam from the practice of individuals within and with the faith who are living good lives and doing good. Please do not misunderstand this post as validating or not being aware of or believing in or supporting radical Islamic beliefs that would include controlling or forcing anyone to join Islam or stay a Muslim. Free will is a central part of the Mormon faith. We do appreciate opportunities to look for commonalities with other religions and joining with people of good will everywhere to help care for those in need.

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