~by Michelle

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was a single, working professional living far from my family. My ward [congregation] became my family. At one point, I had a calling as the ward Activities Chair. It was one of the more daunting callings I have had, particularly because I have never fancied myself much of a party planner. I wasn’t much of a party person at all! But here I was, with the responsibility to plan parties for my congregation. (I should note that this was evidence that it very often is not natural talent that is the determining factor in what callings are extended to us in the Church.) I had no co-chair to help carry the load, and I had no husband with whom to brainstorm at home.

But I learned that I was not working alone.

My first assignment was to plan a Halloween party, one that could appeal to all age groups. (That’s never an easy task.)

I felt ideas come freely to my mind. As strange as it may sound — I mean, after all, it was only a Halloween party — it was clear the ideas were the fruits of inspiration because of how easily thoughts flowed and fit. We would have a carnival-like activity with different booths. The youth would be responsible for the booths, so they could feel needed and involved. The children would be encouraged to do service during the week to earn ‘Boo Bucks’ to spend at the event. (No one went without bucks to spend.) New members of the ward, recently baptized into the Church, would be given responsibilities to help and to feel a part of it all.

It all just worked. The party was a success, and I think everyone found it enjoyable.

Life is often pretty challenging and complex. God’s hand isn’t always as easy to see as it was during this time. But a lifetime of experiences, even moments, like this one help me hold on and have faith that God really is  there. He is aware of me. He is helping me. He cares about my life and my load.

What experience(s) have helped strengthen your faith in God’s awareness of you?


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