Taking a walk around the internet, we found some blog posts including people’s thoughts on the recent General Conference. (Note: Video and audio archives in various languages are available here, and text (in English) can be found here.)

That Wife (Jenna) shares some of the things that inspired her. (Find some interesting posts about Mormonism from Jenna here.)

Albuquerque LDS Standard Examiner Jeannine writes about Elder Holland’s powerful talk about The Book of Mormon.

See pictures from sessions of General Conference in these photo galleries here, here and here.

Read a moving personal story of how Courtney (aka cjane) gained her testimony of The Book of Mormon here.

[Our conviction about the divinity of The Book of Mormon is a foundation of what we believe. It is another testament of the Savior, Jesus Christ. We consider it to be a companion book of scripture to be used side-by-side with the Bible. If you are interested in hearing more testimonies of The Book of Mormon, go here (Mormonity); here (lds.about.com); or here (youtube — video from LDS scholars — talking of how evidence comes from faith). Other testimonies are gathered here on this site. More general information about The Book of Mormon can be found here.]