~Answer by Brenda**

My ward (congregation) loves to party. One of our annual ward parties is the Ward RoundUp. Here was the flyer for this year’s RoundUp. I love the Ward Round Up!

I have attended over 20 RoundUps in my life and every one was memorable. My favorite Ward RoundUp memory was when I was eight years old the Primary handed out squirt rings at the Go Fish! station and all of the kids my age would fill them with fountain water and squirt each other when we found each other during a game of hide and seek in the ward building.

Our Ward RoundUp is an annual activity that has a country theme and anyone who has ever lived in the ward is invited to come back – thus the name “RoundUp.” A lot of people who grew up in the ward come back to visit with us. It is always fun to see who shows up! Every year, the RoundUp has activities for the kids, dinner for over 200 people and yummy fried scones with honey, jelly, and powdered sugar.

As part of our traditions our ward hosts:

  • Hay rides behind an ATV in the parking lot
  • A Cake walk
  • A Petting Zoo

One year, there was square dancing with a professional caller! That was great — tons of people there joined in the dancing.  There were over 50 people doing the “electric slide” which was hilarious because I’ve known these people for decades and had never seen many of them dance. As always, the entire community, not just LDS Church members, were invited.

OK, you Mormon women who are lurking –share with our readers! What are some of your ward’s traditions? How do having traditions bring communities closer? If you aren’t Mormon, tell us about the kinds of parties/gatherings/community events you enjoy. Does your community do things that bring people closer together and help offload the stresses of life?


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