~by Michelle

A short answer about what Mormons do to bring in the new year is that, like many other people, we’ll throw or attend parties, or have family gatherings. Youth will sometimes have organized Church activities to be together in a wholesome environment. Some people will stay home and watch the New York ball “drop.” In my family of origin, watching football games is pretty much a given on New Year’s Day.

Mormon New Year’s Eve parties and gatherings may be a little different than some, though, because we don’t drink alcohol.

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LDSSplash shares some New Year’s tradition ideas.

What about New Year’s resolutions? Mormons are like others and will often set goals at the beginning of a new year, although the concept of goal-setting and improving oneself are really just part of Mormon doctrine to implement all year.

Looking for tips for New Year’s resolutions? Mormon Soprano shares a video with some possible tips for setting personal goals, with counsel from Elder Richard G. Scott.

What are your New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day traditions or plans? Do you set New Year’s resolutions?