…today, we include links that give more of a glimpse into LDS meetings on Sundays.

– Curious about sacrament meetings in the LDS Church from the perspective of a visitor? See this reporter’s article.

– You’ll often hear Mormons talk about how the most important part of our Sunday meetings is the sacrament. For more of an explanation of (and articles/scriptures about) what the sacrament means to us, see here.

– Explanations of what goes on at our meetings can be found here, here and here.

[Editor’s note: If you ever visit a sacrament meeting, you may wonder about whether or not to take the sacrament. You may even feel a little nervous about that part of the meeting. Please don’t! We love having visitors, and more than anything, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. Since most people do wonder about this, though, since a main purpose of this ordinance is to allow us us renew our baptismal covenants, typically those not of our faith will simply pass the trays of bread and water along to the next person. However, there is no harm or offense if someone who is not LDS partakes of the sacramental emblems.]

– Curious about what the inside of a LDS meetinghouse looks like? See some photos here, or an interactive tour here.

– Want to see where the nearest LDS Church building can be found? See the Church’s meetinghouse locator.

p.s. Did you know we also use our buildings during the week for other purposes? These include youth activities; gatherings just for women (called Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment nights); firesides (usually a talk or special music shared with a group on a selected topic, either held locally or sometimes broadcast via satellite); ward parties; training meetings for various church assignments (callings); interviews; service projects; and adult institute classes (in some areas).