Since the question of the week focused on preparedness/food storage, we wanted to share some sites that can help you with your efforts toward self-reliance — and that also give a glimpse into the lives, talents, and interests of more Mormon women. Please feel free to share your favorite food storage/preparedness sites; we know there are many good sites out there.

“Food Storage for Smaller Families”: We wanted to find some ideas for those who have limited space or money and who may feel overwhelmed with the notion of food storage. This article from LDS Living magazine has some helpful tips on starting small and getting creative with limited space. A little food storage is better than none at all! If you are single, newly married, living in a small space, or on a limited budget, this article is worth a read. (p.s. Even though this is in an LDS magazine, the advice is useful regardless of your religious beliefs.)

The Damsel in Dis Dress (you know already she’s clever by that title) shares her “New Old School” tips. A great site full of helpful information, lots of lovely pictures, and a fun writing style. We also love the fact that she’s connecting us with what she has learned from women before her, including her mother and grandmother. Now a grandmother herself, she’s keeping the lessons alive.

Safely Gathered In: This site was created by a woman who had the simple desire to be helpful to the women in her ward congregation. (Her current calling is to help the sisters with home preparedness.) Be sure to browse through the recipes — complete with lots of great pictures! (For anyone with a garden overflowing with zucchini, she’s got some ideas for how to use it.)

Food Storage Made Easy: Follow along with Jodi and Julie as they teach you what they’re learning about emergency preparedness and food storage, one BabyStep at a time.  They have even created numerous videos.

Everyday Food Storage: Get great ideas about how to include food storage foods in your everyday cooking. Includes a broad variety of recipes that use both shorter-term and longer-term food storage items.

Find other preparedness links (including videos) in this previous article on our site.