~by Julie P.

In the New Testament, Jesus says that if we only have as much faith as the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

I love gardening, and was thinking about faith when I planted some carrots recently. Have you seen a carrot seed before? They are tiny. If you have some carrot seeds in your palm and even a light breeze blows, you might lose some if you’re not careful. It’s hard to pick up just one or two seeds by pinching your fingers together; they’re that small.


When I was poking little holes in the dirt in my backyard, and trying my best to put just two or three seeds in each hole, I thought about what these seeds would be by the end of the summer. From these teeny seeds to beautiful, substantial roots in just months. It’s a miracle, really. Each time I plant seeds in my garden, I worry a bit. I go outside each day to water, and feel hope mixed with anxiety. Will the seeds sprout? Will enough seeds turn to plants that bear a decent harvest? What could I do to help them along?

Then, between a handful of days to two weeks, I can usually count on going outside to visit my garden, and seeing little leaves trying to push their way through the dirt, making their way to the son. Yeah! They did it! Each time I see it is exciting. It never gets old, it never loses the excitement.

Some months, it’s easier for me to feel faithful, hopeful. The connection between my Heavenly Father and me seems clear and continuous. Other seasons, exercising faith doesn’t feel natural. It’s more work, and can even be discouraging. I have to remind myself why I pray, why it’s important to nurture my testimony, why I should read my scriptures. Sometimes I just long for a testimony much larger than the one I carry at the time. I want to feel closer to my Savior, know more about His words and teachings than I do. It’s then that I remind myself about the seed analogy – all I need right now is as much faith as a small seed, and to nurture that seed. It will grow.

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