Good news! The rebroadcast of some of the 2008 Women’s Conference is available again on, using the Move Media player. For whatever reason, the rebroadcast from Thursday is still not accessible, but Friday’s rebroadcast is. On the date drop-down, choose Friday, May 16 and select the rebroadcast either at 2:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. Speakers include Sister Julie B. Beck, Mary Ellen Edmunds, Cheryl Lant, Elder and Sister Osguthorpe, and President Thomas S. Monson (as well as others).

This will only be available for a couple more weeks, so watch it while you can! It’s a great spiritual feast and also a wonderful exploration of some very important themes, including faith, womanhood, missionary work and preparation, modesty and chastity, equal partnership in marriage….

UPDATE: You can get part of Elizabeth Ricks’ talk as well as Barbara Thompson’s talk (both on the topic “Lay Hold Upon Every Good Gift”). Sister Thompson will have you laughing as she talks about her anti-gifts and then will inspire you as she turns to the scriptures, particularly Romans 12. The trick is to go to Thursday, May 15 on the Move Media player and slide the playback marker to about 53 minutes into the broadcast. It’s better than nothing, no?