On Thursday evenings of BYU Women’s Conference, dozens of virtual sharing stations are provided to share “ideas…on serving, teaching, and helping one another in our homes, schools, communities, and church callings.” Handouts and summaries of this years 2009 Women’s Conference Sharing Stations are now available online here.

A linked list of the 2009 sharing stations is also provided below. (Our site, as part of the More Good Foundation, was involved in sharing stations this year — our handouts can be found here.)

Selected talk transcripts are not yet available, but we will let you know when we get word that they are.  But you can  enjoy past years’ transcripts here. (You can browse past years’ sharing stations as well.)

2009 BYU Women’s Conference Virtual Sharing Stations:

  1. HE SAID. . .Highlighted Messages from Christ
  2. Family Time is Prime Time
  3. I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
  4. The Flower of Self-Worth
  5. Traditions for Our Times
  6. Sensory Circus
  7. Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?
  8. Finding Gratitude from the Unexpected
  9. Super Storage Step by Step
  10. How Do You Hug a Porcupine?  Very Carefully!
  11. Step It Up in the “Ladder” Days
  12. A Mother’s Memo:  Preparing Children for a Mission
  13. They shall mount up with Wings as Eagles. . .
  14. How Do You Refill Your Bucket?
  15. “Souper” Family Service
  16. Prayer. . .My Personal GPS
  17. Understanding Other Cultures. . . Unity in Diversity
  18. RX for Joy:  Heart Healthy Doses of Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Activities
  19. Life Balance—Sink, Swim or Soar
  20. She Stretcheth Out Her Hands to the Poor
  21. Kool-Aide for Everyone
  22. Your Presence is Your Best Present
  23. Cast in All Your Living
  24. We Give Ourselves Away by the Words We Say
  25. Marriage is a Journey—Are We There Yet?
  26. Genealogy:  Hands across the Generations
  27. Crowned With Blessings
  28. Ride On!  Ride On!  Maintaining Proper Perspective
  29. Passport to Heaven
  30. Rejoice in Reverence
  31. Find the Loose Brick!  Scrapbooks for Troubled Teens
  32. Nurturing the Newlywed Nest
  33. Joyful Member Missionary Service
  34. Primary after Hours
  35. Got Empty Nest Syndrome?  Here is Your Prescription— Your Life!
  36. Old Folks in the Attic
  37. The Hundred Dresses
  38. Comforting the World—Reaching Out on Any Budget
  39. Holiness to the Lord
  40. The Whole Package—Missionary Packages, Memories and Mail
  41. Meaningful Family Scripture Study:  A Daily Devotional
  42. Music:  Does Your Home Need a “Tune” Up?
  43. Serving Seniors Brings Joy Beyond Measure
  44. Dishing It Out
  45. Ready. . .Set. . .Serve!
  46. Seek Ye Out of the Best Books. . .and Get Your Kids to Read Them!
  47. Are We There Yet?
  48. Getting There with Grace, While Managing the Mayhem
  49. Dating on a Dime
  50. Sisters in Zion to the Rescue
  51. Cruise. . .$2500, Spa Day. . .$300, Taking a Breather. . .Priceless
  52. Shopping Cents
  53. The Secret Garden of Reading
  54. 7 Habits for Highly Effective Family Reunions
  55. Dessert First—Celebrating the Daily Gifts of the Spirit
  56. Tell Your Story
  57. “Rolls” For Grandma
  58. My “Whole Life” ASSURANCE Policy
  59. Surviving Unemployment with a Cheerful Heart
  60. Family. . .Our Greatest Treasure
  61. Line Upon Line. . .Here a Little, and There a Little
  62. Blossoming Talents on a Shoestring
  63. No More Strangers and Foreigners, but Fellow Citizens with the Saints
  64. Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go
  65. Friendship?  Yes, Please!
  66. Creative Cooking for Kids
  67. A Blessing in the Mourn
  68. Embracing Autism with Faith

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