What does the inside of a Mormon temple look like

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Another temple will soon be dedicated in Utah, USA: the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Perhaps you have not had a chance to see what the inside of a temple looks like. This link provides numerous pictures of the inside of the Oquirrh Mountain temple. The Church is currently holding an open house, giving people an opportunity to walk through the temple before it is dedicated in August of this year.

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http://www.mormonwiki.com/Temple_endowment (the endowment is one of the ordinances received in the temple — the ordinance room that is seen in the media tour pictures is one of the rooms used for this ordinance, which involves receiving teachings about the gospel and the plan of salvation, and participating in the process of making covenants)

Or you can search on the topic at the Church’s website, lds.org or watch a video about one woman’s joy at discovering that, through temple ordinances, her marriage could last forever.