Denae submitted the following post showing how her family does Family Home Evening. Family Home Evening is a weekly gathering (usually on Monday evenings) where a family gets together to study the Gospel and build family unity. Members of our church often shorten the full name of Family Home Evening into the acronym FHE.

Family Home Evening is a night when your family stays home together and has a little meeting. We do it on Sundays or Mondays.

We have a chart that tells each member of the family what their job of FHE is. The chart does not need to be fancy. See ours below.


One person conducts. Tonight it was Macey. She said, “Welcome to Family Home Evening” and then told us what everyone would be doing for their FHE job.


Logan was in charge of leading the song.


Dave was in charge of the lesson.


The children were in charge of listening to the lesson. Because I have little kids, I keep the lessons short and sweet. Just a little Bible story or something like that. It is hard for them to sit still for too long. See the pictures below.



Tonight we talked about Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

Sometimes the kids have random comments and questions. Those are my favorite parts because they often lead to gospel discussions and teaching moments. So, I don’t go crazy on preparing a lesson….. something good comes from whatever I do.

After the lesson, we moved to the kids’ favorite part.

The games!

Our FHE game portion of the night typically includes one of the following games:

Duck, Duck Goose
Mother May I
Red Light, Green Light
London Bridge
Ring around the Rosy

Tonight we played Duck, Duck Goose


Lexi helped with the treat and put sprinkles on everyone’s ice cream.


Then we ate it.


And that was the end of our FHE!

I know it makes a difference in our family, so I love having Family Home Evening. I think it makes us more unified as a family, and gives us the opportunity to discuss important “life” topics.

Now please share what you do for FHE with your family!

*This post and all pictures were used by permission from the author.