The following was written by Brenda:

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I get to focus on all the things I love best –my friends, my family and my Savior. I love to attend church on Sundays to spend time worshiping the Savior. I also love that my husband’s and children’s schedules stop for just one day. Not only does that rescue me from my daily taxi service, but it also allows for time for us to reconnect. Sometimes, we like to invite friends over after church for dinner and our hearts and stomachs fill to bursting.

You can see now, why a busy Mom would love, love, love the day of rest.


But, there are certain things I have to prepare to make the Sabbath even more restful. My Saturday nights are spent gathering dresses, stockings and patent leather shoes for my three daughters. I’ll go to the grocery store to make sure we have food for the following day. I like to serve a crock pot roast or a pre-made dinner from the freezer to make Sundays even easier. We also check our gas tank to see if we can push it to Monday without needing a refill. On a really good Sunday I get to take a nap, but more likely than not I’ll prepare my next Sunday school lesson or watch a nice film with my family. Sundays are delightful!

Sometimes my Sundays can be filled with service like visiting members of my ward that just had a baby or are sick. In fact there are so many good things that I do on Sundays I hardly have to worry about the don’t do’s.

I’m certainly not perfect in keeping the Sabbath Day holy. But I do find that when I prepare for and observe the Sabbath Day, I have found greater peace, not just on Sunday, but throughout the week.