The organization of this church is such an amazing gift from God. He wants us to learn about charity, and he doesn’t just leave it up to us without a perfect plan to help us get there. He gives us jobs (called callings), to help us become what He wants us to become!

I spent many years serving in the Young Women’s organization. When that responsibility ended, I was asked to report on my experience in a talk in Sacrament Meeting.

Working with the youth is a demanding calling; is time-intensive.

Yet, what an absolute privilege it is to work in the name of the Lord for the sake of His beloved daughters!

What a privilege to communicate with Him about their welfare.

What a privilege to feel of His pure love for them, and to gain that same love for them in my own heart.

What a privilege to work with other members of this church who are doing all these same things, to be inspired by them and their efforts in the behalf of others.

What a privilege to be given the opportunity to show God how much we love Him, by going to work for Him.

What an inspired system!

It is through giving service to our God by serving our fellowman that we can become close to God, that we will feel His pure love in our lives, that we will have charity — the pure love of Christ in our hearts.

– By Tami

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