Hermana B., who serves in a temple in Central America, shares the following:

Saturday, four buses were waiting for us when we arrived at the temple at 5:45 a.m. It was a glorious day. The baptistry was filled with youth. One of the boys was Benjamin who will soon submit his mission papers. Two years ago, he set a goal to do 1,000 baptisms for the dead before he entered the mission field. He comes every week to the temple — sometimes twice — and is getting close to completing his goal. His countenance glows. When I see youth like him I don’t worry about the future of the world, or the Church.

Hermana G. was at our “greeting station” Saturday morning. A woman arrived who seemed to be hanging back from entering. Hna. G. began to talk to her and learned that this sister purposely tries to go into the temple last so that she could sit in the back of the endowment session because she is embarrassed about the brown birthmarks on her hands. Hna. G. assured her that the temple is a place of love and acceptance. Then she showed the sister her own hands.

This dear sister was burned by her mother as a child, and one of her hands is very deformed. It was the perfect answer, and she was the perfect person to give it. It is another testimony that the Lord is in charge of his temple.