Various women at Mormon Momma share their thoughts.

Emily M. shares how President Uchtdorf’s talk touched and inspired her. “I…felt like I was given a greater vision of who I could become.” Read her whole post  at here here at Segullah’s blog

Tiffany writes: “I look forward to the Relief Society Broadcast every year. I know that I will walk away feeling spiritually fed and feeling the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father….” Read more from her blog here.

And Cheryl writes here and says:

I loved the broadcast! Some of the thoughts I had I’ve already written on my own blog, but here are a few things I loved about it:

Being called to action to serve more, pray more, listen more and have more joy.

Realizing that undervaluing my abilities does not help me feel better about myself; I need to be positive!

Allow quiet moments for reflection and repentance.

Live up to your privileges!

It was such an inspiring meeting about happiness and hope and I’m so glad I went. I just hope I can remember everything that had be taught and that I can try to be better and serve more.

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