Preparedness is an important topic in the Church. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to tackle it all, and there are many resources out there that people tap into to help them with preparedness.

Of course, we will recommend, first and foremost, the Church’s Provident Living website, which includes many resources about the many facets of preparedness (emergency preparedness and response, employment, family home storage, education and literacy, family finances, social and emotional strength, physical health).

But perhaps you have found websites that have been helpful, such as food storage recipes sites, or financial hints and tips, or employment help.

(We’d prefer non-commercial sites, if possible…just looking for sites that share basic ideas for personal and family preparedness.)

For example, we just randomly selected a few videos, and included a couple of sites of which we are aware.

See this video with Mormon women showing some of their ideas for storing food storage.
Or this video on cooking with food storage.
If you are curious about what dry pack canning is all about, you can see this video.
(Look up “Mormon food storage” on YouTube for many more!)
Here’s a food storage forum which we found linked on this food storage blog.

Please help us add to the list!