It was a wonderful General Conference weekend! If you missed any or all of the conference, or just want to enjoy the messages again, there are multiple ways to do that.

See the April 2017 General Conference link for videos of all the talks on the General Conference page. You can also listen to all the music from the General Conference sessions (such as the hymn that inspired the title of this post, “Rejoice the Lord is King!”).

You can also listen to/watch the April 2017 General Conference via the following links:

LDS General Conference YouTube channel

Mormon Channel YouTube channel

Transcripts will be available in a couple of days, and conference files will be available for the Gospel Library app shortly as well. (You can already access the Women’s Session on the Gospel Library App.)

We would love to hear what stood out to you from conference messages.

Messages about love, light, building on the simple foundation of the gospel plan and principles, faith not fear, and staying centered in Christ are some of the messages rolling around in my mind and heart. After hearing President Monson talk about the Book of Mormon, we started the book over as a family. I’m more committed to focusing on the good in the world and using social media in that positive way.

It was also exciting to hear about five new temples announced.