If you are interested in learning more about the Church (or just enjoying some uplifting content — the videos are nice Family Home Evening activity option!), visit the new mormon.org

On the new site, you can watch member stories on video, find other resources about our beliefs and doctrines, and chat live/ask a question. For more information, see below.

Member Stories (video)

Watch videos of people talking about various topics, including how the gospel helped answer questions they have, how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ, the doctrine of eternal families, and many other topics.

Find resources on the following topics:

The Purpose of Life
Life After Death
Our Relationship with God
Know for Yourself
The Restoration of Truth (including information about Joseph Smith)
Heavenly Father’s Plan of Happiness
Jesus Christ, our Savior
The Commandments
Membership in Christ’s Church

Ask A Question

Do you have a question about our faith? On mormon.org, you can chat live with a missionary. (If you don’t feel that a live chat is what would help you, feel free to ask your question here by emailing it to ‘mormonwoman’ AT ‘gmail’ DOT ‘com’ and get some thoughts from Mormon women.)