This poem was submitted by Cheryl. She writes the following about her poem:

With “Second Estate,” I was thinking about the time I had given birth to my children. The knowledge of who we are and where we came from and why we are here seems never more powerful than when witnessing the birth of a new soul; body and spirit. Embarking on our earthly journey is scary, but we are armed with Love and Faith. Love from our Heavenly parents, as well as our earthly parents, and Faith in that Love. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful beginning then birth–all the extremes of life rolled into one incredible experience: pain, suffering, impatience, exhaustion, fear, relief, joy, love, gratitude, and peace.

Second Estate
Sweet agony! Oh, sweating pain! The Door by
Which enters Breath, soft Breath, and fills the room with quiet relief.
Agony gone and pain suppressed,
Perfection embodied and counting, one, two, three, four, five…
Each hand embarking, not knowing, having chosen
With Love in the left, and Faith in the right,
Each curled up in safety,
Tightly, tightly.
Mother, than father hold
Tightly, tightly.
Love and Faith
Bounded, bonded, begins.