BYU just held its annual Women’s Conference (co-sponsored by the Relief Society organization of the Church). One of the hallmark activities at the conference is the service project. During this time, they also have different stations, called virtual sharing stations, described as “ideas that are available on serving, teaching, and helping one another in our homes, schools, communities, and church callings.” They don’t have this year’s Virtual Sharing Stations available yet, but we thought we would link to last year’s stations, to see what kinds of ideas have been discussed, and to whet your appetite for what is to come! See other years’ ideas as well here. These links include pictures of the display booth, as well as any handouts that were available! Note the varied topics. This is a great way to find out more about what Mormon women think and do, and to learn from and with them…and maybe find a few ideas for yourself.

  1. Fantastic Family Nights – A Foundation for a Forever Family
  2. Autism – Putting the Pieces Together
  3. Family Histories: Binding Our Hearts Together
  4. It’s TEEN time
  5. Making Memories Matter: Creating Storybooks to Share Your Heritage
  6. “Patriotism” Today’s Title of Liberty
  7. Chocolate for the Bishop’s Wife Soul
  8. Heroes Among Us
  9. Out of the Best Books
  10. Never Doubt It.
  11. On Call 24/7 – A Survival Guide for Caregivers
  12. A Path to Christlike Friendships
  13. STRESS – How to Deal
  14. Making the World a Better Place
  15. Come Take Your Place with a Child and a Book
  16. “Be Our Guest” Making Family Mealtime a Priority
  17. Living Joyfully – Even with an Addict Around
  18. Creating Successful Family Traditions
  19. Music Fun for Everyone!
  20. Fill Your Bucket!
  21. Are we there yet?
  22. MOTHERING, isn’t just for Mom’s anymore
  23. Helping Hands: Holding Hands Around the World
  24. I Can Follow the Prophet By . . .
  25. Relax Your Body, Ease Your Mind and Elevate your Spirit
  26. “Auto Body” Maintenance
  27. The Years go By, Chronicle Yours!
  28. Self-reliance versus Rescuing
  29. Use only the Finest Ingredients
  30. Education through all stages of life
  31. No Greater Gift
  32. Families: Close to Our Hearts, Living Far Away
  33. Be an Instrument in His Hands
  34. As Rain Produces Beautiful Flowers, Preparation Enriches Temple Worship
  35. Shine in Your Own Orbit
  36. Fairy Tales Can Come True It Can Happen To You, If You’re Young at Heart
  37. Vignettes
  38. Help! Put the ‘Gold’ in their Golden Years
  39. Building Virtuous Youth
  40. Bloom Where You Are Planted
  41. The Heart of Parenting: True Principles of Success
  42. Who But You Can Fill Their Shoes?
  43. Noteworthy Service – Be an “Instrument” in his Hands