At one point or another, most of us reach a point in our lives when we know that we don’t know enough to make the decisions we need to make. It is at these times when prayer and personal guidance (revelation) from God are such a blessing and necessity. Although prayers aren’t always answered when or how we want them to be, we know that they are heard, and that they are answered, in God’s own way and in his own time. Usually, answers come through feelings of peace, clarity, and confidence. Sometimes, ideas can come into our minds. Sometimes, figurative doors open in our lives that let us know that God is involved and is guiding our path.

Hear one woman’s experience with receiving guidance and answers to her prayers when she was at a crossroads in her life. This video is entitled, “Does God answer my questions?”

Another woman shares how she found answers to her questions through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and through seeking God’s direction to know if she should join the Church.

It’s important to remember that not all answers — not even those about the gospel and its truthfulness — come immediately to everyone. A valuable part of the process of building a relationship with God is learning how He communicates with you. If you have struggled wondering when and if God will ever answer your prayer (which has been a struggle for most of us at some time or another), consider the following experience of one of the past presidents of the Church (as shared by Elder Robert D. Hales in a recent General Conference talk about receiving direction and guidance from God):

These miracles come to us as we endure what the scriptures call a “trial of [our] faith.” Sometimes that trial is the time it takes before an answer is received. When President David O. McKay was a young man herding cattle, he sought a witness, but it did not come until many years later while serving his mission in Scotland. He said, “It was a manifestation for which as a doubting youth I had secretly prayed . . . on hillside and in meadow. It was an assurance to me that sincere prayer is answered ‘sometime, somewhere’ ” (Quoted in Francis M. Gibbons, David O. McKay: Apostle to the World, Prophet of God (1986), 50).