Editor’s note: This post is part of a collaborative effort of Mormon bloggers who are reading and writing about General Conference talks. We call it the General Conference Odyssey. This article at Meridian Magazine explains more about the Odyssey, and includes some thoughts from those of us participating in this project.

One of the things I appreciate about being a part of this effort is to read the words of my fellow brothers and sisters. Their perspectives and experience enrich my experience engaging the words of the prophets. Of course, we don’t want our posts to replace the words of the prophets, but we hope perhaps this project will inspire you in some way, as it is inspiring us, to engage their words with more deliberateness and faith.

The other posts from this week’s reading, which focused on the Sunday Morning Session of the October 1971 General Conference, are at the bottom of the post.

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This week, there was one paragraph that stood out to me like neon. Just a short paragraph that was actually a quote from someone I have never heard of. I also loved a poem that was quoted. Both were found in this talk.

And this week, I just want to let these words speak for themselves.

The quote:

Elbert Hubbard said, “You can’t teach anybody anything. You can only help him find himself.”

The poem:

I gave a beggar from my store of wealth
Some gold. He spent the shining ore,
And came again, and yet again,
Still cold and hungry, as before.
I gave a thought, and through that thought of mine
He found himself, the man, supreme, divine—
Fed, clothed, and crowned with blessings manifold
And now he begs no more.
(Adapted from “The True Gift,” Author Unknown)

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