~by Shauna

There is an old Chinese proverb that goes something like “When the student is ready, the Master will come.” Adversity is a gift from God. It softens our hearts and prepares our souls to begin an increase in spiritual growth. For some it comes early in life, for others later, but it WILL come.

I never thought I would encounter, deal with, or work through the trials I have endured the past ten years. Listing the issues almost seems inconsequential now, as some of them will continue for years to come. This is what I have learned as I yielded to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

#1- Understanding our divine nature and INDIVIDUAL role in the Plan of Salvation is crucial

This nugget of knowledge is worth it’s weight in gold. It has helped me grow from the “why me” pleadings to the “I will go and do” mindset. It has provided peace to my anxious, broken-hearted, often troubled and yes, jealous soul. I am weaning myself off of the continual line of thinking I am being punished or not worthy of the blessings others around me seem to effortlessly receive. It is providing peace..

#2-Refining is a PROCESS, not a destination.

Understanding that our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return to him is basic. For us to obtain a spiritual confidence to even stand in hHs presence we need to pursue turning our natural man ways into spiritual ways…and that takes a life time! Think about how metal is purified…heat…heat, and more heat! The Lord has given us the template for learning and it’s real simple…line upon line, precept upon precept…here a little, there a little.

#3-The Lord ALWAYS prepares his people.

As I met different challenges and began to supplicate and ponder accompanied by prayer, I began to understand that the Lord does not leave us without “tools” to till the garden. Each one of us is gifted with different experiences unique to our circumstances and personal roles in life. I began to see a pattern that when facing issues I already had been equipped with knowledge and experience relative to the adversity at hand. I had to rely on the Holy Ghost to teach me and help me recognize the “tools” the Lord had already placed at my disposal, but as I did I felt a spiritual confidence that gave me strength I didn’t know I had. He has not and will not abandon ANY of us, especially when we need him most…which leads me to my last point…

#4-Without Adversity, I would NOT know Jesus Christ as I do now.

There is a purpose to everything under heaven! When I choose to humble myself and entreat the Lord to help me, there begins to be a viable give and take. It is a relationship like no other. As I learn to bend my will to the Father’s and partner with Christ to guide my life through the promptings of the Holy Ghost miracles happen! I have seen physical miracles, spiritual miracles, and miraculous happenings in every facet of my life! He lives! Our Father lives! This mortal realm we attempt to navigate through is a gift, albeit, harder than we could ever imagine at times, but peace comes and the growth we longed for is achieved….I’m betting my life on it.