The youth in my ward did an activity where they were all able to share some thoughts and feelings about the Savior, using the hashtag #BecauseofHim. They also shared thoughts about prayer using the hashtag #DidYouThinktoPray (post forthcoming).

I loved this activity because in a relatively short amount of time, the youth were all able to share something. Individually, each one of them got to reflect on their testimonies and share in a way that was non-threatening. Collectively, they got to create a visual representation of their faith. It is also fun to see the patterns — and the variations — in their thoughts.

We had a lesson in our combined Young Women class today about joining voices together online (using Elder Bednar’s CES talk, “To Sweep the Earth as a Flood.” It gave me the motivation to finish recording what the youth had shared. It’s inspiring to me to read what they had to say.

Add your thoughts in the comments below, via Twitter, on Facebook, or in other ways. What do you feel grateful to the Savior for?

I can shine!
I can face my fears.
I can start over.
I can live a good life every day.
I can eat food.
I know I will be able to make it through life.
I have amazing people in my life. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 [smileys in original!]
When I screw up I can try again.
I have a family.
I can testify.
I have a body.
We live!
I feel safe when I’m alone.
I have an eternal family.
I can be positive!
I can live again.
I can feel joy.
I’m a better person.
I can see the blue sky.
When I fall down I can get back up.
I can love everybody.
I can walk the earth.
I always have at least one friend.
I can share my talents.
I am strong.
I can live again.
I can be alone on this earth while knowing He’s standing right beside me.
I can repent.
I have strength.
I can be saved.
I have empathy.
Positive thoughts.
I don’t have to feel alone.
I am healthy.
I can eat yummy food.
I feel peace.
I am who I am today.

IMG_1999 (1)


I can be forgiven
I am free to choose and decide right and wrong
I can be with my family forever!
I know my worth!
I love everyone!
I find joy in the little things!
I can know the truth.
My family is forever.
I can feel the Spirit all the time.
I can feel peace and love.
My burdens are lifted.
I am never alone.
I know where I’m going.
I won’t ever be alone!
There is hope!
We can change the world!
I am free.
I can share His love.
I try to love everybody.
There are small and simple things.
I love others.
Blessings are real.
I can preach on Twitter.
I can be so so so HAPPY. 🙂
I can try again and again!
I have a family
I’m writing this right now.
I know what’s right.
I can live with my family forever
We can all go back to Him.
I am happy.
I can repent.
My family is eternal.
I can live with my fam forever.
I’m never lost.
I’m happy about life.
There is a light in the world!
I get a second chance.
#real talk
I feel safe and secure
I’m sitting here right now.
I know who I am.
We can lift each other up.
I am fierce!
The atonement is real.


I can have good food.
I can have a family.
I get to be a good person.
I’m not afraid to be who I am.
I’m alive.
I have choices!!
I can pray.
I work hard.
I have an AMAZING family 🙂
We can be forgiven.
I can repent.
I have hope.
I pray.
I can be with my family forever.
I know God lives.
I love more.
I live a better life.

IMG_2003 (1)

I can be saved.
I can repent.
I can be forgiven.
I can be clean from sin.
I can return to Him.
I will live again!
I can have hope.
We have the gospel.
I can go home.
I am blessed.
I can be spiritual.
I can be saved.

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