Last night on my Facebook, one of my kids’ favorite babysitters from back in the day posted this on her wall. [I added links for your convenience.]

Guys. I have an idea.

You know Elder Bednar’s Education Week talk on “flooding the earth” with good LDS social media posts? I decided we ought to do an LDS version of the ALS ice bucket challenge. You have 24 hours to share an LDS scripture, quote or thought on whatever social media site you are on, tag it with #sharegoodness, then tag five people to do the same within 24 hours. I think this could be cool, so I need help from all of you following me and a few well-known people who can spread this to more followers for it to really get around.

She then got bold and thought big and tagged…

WHOEVER READS THIS, @22alfox @nieniedialogues @latterdaysaints and @kcrawl13. You all have 24 hours, get this started and challenge people, even if I didn’t tag you individually!

I think this is a fun idea.

I want to share the #DidYouThinkToPray video, and pictures from an activity done with the youth of the ward yesterday in a combined lesson. They did their own #DidYouThinkToPray sharing with sticky notes. It was amazing to see what a few dozen youth could create together in just a handful of minutes. And so I want to help them #share[their]goodness here. (I’ll try to get some better photos soon. These turned out very grainy.)



#sharegoodness #sharegoodnesschallenge IMG_1785

(And by the way, if you haven’t watched the video that explains the origins of the #IceBucketChallenge, it is worth your time. You might need a tissue. There is so much goodness in the world in spite of (and sometimes because of) all that is hard.)