#becauseofhim daily new beginning

I think there are few things more potent than a mother’s guilt — that “not enough” feeling that often plagues too many of us women.

Today, on Mother’s Day, that kind of feeling can sometimes be enough to keep women from wanting to attend church or acknowledge the holiday at all.

It can also leave those who don’t have children of their own experiencing an anguish of a different kind.

I’m not here to offer platitudes that somehow can assuage this kind of pain, because I know platitudes don’t work.

But I am here to testify that the Atonement really is big enough to cover our inadequacies. And it is definitely big enough to provide the compensatory blessings that may seem inadequate now but that will surprise and delight us in the eternities.

For all that motherhood is a central part of Mormon doctrine and of the plan, the Atonement is even more central. Whatever pains today may bring, I pray that the Savior’s power, mercy, grace, and compensatory blessings — blessings that work across generations and into eternity — can take root in your heart.

I pray this prayer because I have felt both the ache of empty, childless arms and the terrible feeling that I have not been enough as a mom. I am now coming to believe and find hope and joy in the fact that my not-enoughness (and all else that comes along with this fallen world) is part of the plan; without the fall I would not need God, and neither would my children. I have seen His hand compensate for my lack so many times. I AM inadequate, and that’s ok. The Atonement really can and does make up the difference. And sometimes it is because of my lack that my children are experiencing their own sacred moments with their God.

God loves you. Let His love find you and your children on this Mother’s Day. Because His grace and love are sufficient. They are everything. #BecauseofHim, our best really is enough.