When we first started posting materials and resources for those affected by pornography addiction (directly or indirectly), there weren’t many stories or easily-found resources. Over the course of the last three+ years there has been an explosion of work done on behalf of those struggling with pornography / sexual addiction and their loved ones. There are also more and more opportunities for people to volunteer and get involved in helping educate about the harms of pornography addiction.

Just in the next few months, there have been and will be several conferences that our readers might be interested in. There is also a new program for teens who struggle with addiction. The program is called Fortify. More information below.

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On March 22, the Utah Coalition against Pornography will hold a conference. The UCAP conference theme is “Taking Charge of Change: Protecting Children and Families from Pornography“. From UCAP’s website: “Pornography has devastating effects throughout society. You can encourage change for good by becoming aware of the risks of pornography, understanding the solutions, and learning to talk openly about this issue. Our speakers are national leaders and local experts who will share insight into many aspects of this critical threat. Don’t miss this opportunity to become more informed and prepared to help others and speak up about the harm of pornography. You are an essential part of the solution!”

Topics that will be addressed include the following:

Opening Keynote – Pornography and the Consumption of Chaos: A Call for Education, Understanding, and Action
Understanding the Problems and Implementing the Solutions
Seven Online Traps for Kids
What Teens wished their Parents Knew
The Addiction Cycle
Understanding and Treating Betrayal Trauma
Pornography Addiction: Disordered Learning, Toxic Sexuality
Media Savvy Families: Protecting Families from Pornography by Developing Healthy Media Habits
Closing Keynote – Pornography: What’s the Problem? What’s the Solution?

Registration for this conference is $15. Conference is open to the public.

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The Togetherness Project is holding a conference in Phoenix on April 26th. From the project website: “The Togetherness Project empowers women whose lives are affected by the pornography addiction and/or infidelity of a loved one by providing encouragement, education and community. We are a sisterhood of love, validation, and the rarest of friends. Our semi-annual conferences feature renowned sex addiction therapists, professional counselors and inspiring individuals who offer honest, realistic and validating discussions that enable us to rise above our collective challenges together.

Class/Presentation topics include the following:
Codependency as a Trauma Response
Intimacy, Connection and Addiction
Out from the Shadows of Betrayal and into the Light of Hope and Healing
Owning Your Story and Loving Yourself Through the Process
Straight Talk: It’s Time to Talk About Porn with Your Kids
What Do Happy People Know? (Positive Psychology)
The Power of Now
Trust vs Forgiveness: How They are Not the Same
Rise Above

Registration for this conference is $95 and is open to women only. Space is limited.

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Fight the New Drug has a new program called Fortify — designed for teens who are struggling with compulsive pornography use. Learn more here: